How to Make Black People Happy in February and All Year Round

April 15, 2022

How to Make Black People Happy in February and All Year Round – (2022) – (978-1990604034) By Prof. Philip Alalibo. This is a book about cultural understanding that discusses how the different races can have a productive and peaceful existence with Black people across North America. It focuses in part on the month of February, which is Black History Month. This happens to be the month of celebration and the recognition of Black excellence and achievements. But it is also a month of reflection and revaluation that often reveal the enormity of work that needs to be done to bridge the cultural gap between Blacks and other racial groups across the continent. The book discusses several societal, cultural and racial factors that could be the source of unhappiness for Black people, not only during Black History Month, but all year round. It offers suggestions on how whites and others could understand and avoid those pitfalls towards a harmonious societal relationship based on respect, tolerance, trust and mutual understanding. The book underscores the importance of our shared humanity, which should be the basis for commitment to the ideals of responsible citizenship and racial justice for all oppressed people regardless of ethnicity, creed or race.

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