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February 1, 2015

Shidaanikei Publishers, INC., is a Canadian-based publisher with emphasis on African contents that would enhance knowledge about Africans and the continent. We strive to encourage a strong and entrenched writing and reading culture among Africans by publishing contents that are useful and relevant to their existence. Aware of the difficulties of getting published, we aim to provide African writers the often elusive opportunity to have their work published. What we offer is a unique partnership of mutual gains that begins with the candid evaluation of manuscripts and if accepted, to eventual publication.

With our firm adherence to probity, ethics and transparency, we offer professional advise, comments, feedback and suggestions that are utterly instrumental to the production of the finest contents. With the extensive experience in the publishing industry of our founder who owns and publishes a national monthly magazine and other principals, your book will be given the highest level of exposure through our various marketing channels. We work closely with major international distributors including Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Chapters, etc., with access to over 25,000 “Brick and Mortar” bookstores around the world.

In this age of increasing globalization, we remain committed to the effective dissemination of contents that would promote and position Africans in the forefront of the global knowledge economy, to be pioneers and architects of their destiny in solemn symphony with the adage, “Knowledge is Power.”

Though we are committed to promoting a strong literary presence of African writers on the global stage and the universal consumption of their literary output, we will strongly consider other manuscripts (fiction or non fiction, poetry, children, etc.,) with a balanced, thought provoking and insightful argument designed to contribute to the general body of knowledge. Manuscripts with edifying Christian contents are most welcome and will be considered for their suitability.

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