August 22, 2015

Shidaanikei announces the publication of Understanding Love: Biblical & Cultural Perspectives by Rev. Dr. Charles  B. Mantey The book argues specifically that Africans undersLove Cover_Singleanding of love forms the basis of their communal way of life, a concept that enables them to share in each other’s burden in lieu of government support or social intervention services to help the vulnerable in time of need. The book challenges Christians and non-Christians on how they perceive, demonstrate and embrace love. It provides critical insights to cross-cultural students, missionaries and people of African descent (as well as others) who desire to have an in-depth knowledge not only about Africans and their understanding of love, but the Western and Eastern perspectives of love.



Shidaanikei announces the publication of Reflections of a Nigerian Journalist: Critical Essays & Contemporary Commentaries (ISBN: 978-0-9948-272-2-7) By Arnold Alex AlaliboThis book aptly captures the political, socio-cultural and economic challenges of the world’s largest black nation, Nigeria. With over two decades of journalism practice, the author’s vast knowledge is brought to bear with his insightful and most cogent commentaries and critical essays on this strategic and important player in global politics. His writings provide ample reflection on the dauReflections of a Nigerian Journalist_Cover_2016nting challenges to entrench democracy, governmental accountability, discipline and transparency at all levels of government and society. The author’s candid and silver-tongued assessment of events in his home country offers relevant materials and useful information for educators and researchers with scholarly interest in Nigeria. “Reflections of a Nigerian Journalist: Critical Essays & Contemporary Commentaries” is a must read book for anyone with a serious interest in this ethnically, culturally and religiously diverse country. For your copy, contact





Shidaanikei Publishers Inc., announces the publication of A Sahara Voice: Poems from the Heart of Africa (2016) (ISBN: 978-09948-272-1-0) by Prof. Philip Alalibo. Professor Alalibo’s

ASV_COVERintellectual sagacity is brought to bear in his poetic offerings that underscore his political, social, cultural and racial experiences that traverse two continents, Africa and the United States of America. This book liberally employs the use of descriptively rich language, lyrical as it is in its utter fluency, to simplify intricate and seemingly lugubrious poetic concepts. This is a must read literary work that puts into perspective the human experience and the existential burden of the African man. This work appeals to the literati and all those in society that have a knack for fine poetry crafted intuitively. For your copy, contact the publisher at


Shidaanikei Publishers Inc., announces the publication of African Spirituality: Did Africans Know God Before the Arrival of the Missionaries?  (2015) The Publication5book (ISBN: 978-0-9948272-0-3) discusses the question; did Africans know God before the arrival of the missionaries; or were the missionaries the first to introduce the concept of a supremebeing to Africans? It presents evidence that Africans had a concept of a supreme being as demonstrated in many of their rituals, activities, festivals and ceremonies, not to mention beliefs about creation, life and death. It further discusses the role and impact of the early missionaries in Africa, providing critical insights into the age-old practice of African Traditional Religion and its inevitable conflict with Christianity. It enables the reader to understand African spirituality within the context of its mythology, practices, beliefs and rituals. Purchase this Book – American Buyers and all others  –  Purchase this Book – Canadian Buyers


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