A Day in Our Skin

January 25, 2021

A Day in Our Skin: A Struggle Between Race and Resilience” By Philip Alalibo is a brutally honest text that chronicles the racial experiences of the author in Canada. It offers a powerful framework for understanding the often burdensome intersectionality of race and gender that has defined the author and other black men.

The intractable struggle between race and resilience is evident and well-articulated through profoundly personal and sometimes hilarious experiences in the author’s daily walk of life as a black man. The text challenges us to be aware of our actions that are borne out of underlying unconscious racism that subjects others to indignity. Through this book, Philip Alalibo provides a unique insight into what a day is like in his skin.

He strongly encourages those with white privilege to be introspective and examine their behaviours that perpetuate and sustain stereotypical narratives of black men. A Day in Our Skin is a critical text on race relations in Canada that drives the discourse on racial justice, understanding and tolerance towards a more equitable society. 

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