Premarital Counseling: Fostering a Happy Long-term Relationship

April 15, 2022

Pre-Marital Counselling: Fostering a Long-term Happy Marital Relationship (978-1-9992257-9-7) – By Dr. Henderson Ifill – Our emotions and, or impromptu decisions obscure or prevent us from seeing clearly the potential obstacles that may hamper lasting happiness in a conjugal relationship. This book is about bringing into focus some of those potential obstacles.

Premarital Counseling: Ways to Fostering Long-Term Marriage Relationship offers ways that its readers can follow to uncover potential obstacles that could profoundly affect the relationship after marriage. From this book, readers will learn to identify obstacles and overcome them by using given methods, both practical and biblical.

These, in turn, can help readers develop a greater understanding of cultural differences, family dynamics, personality differences, gender differences, a pious approach, and much more. This book will also remind the readers of how our maker designed a marriage to be from the beginning of time.

There are Bible-based principles and practical ways to point you toward a better outlook on life and empower you to apply the right attitude to given situations that may arise in a marriage union. It also stresses the need to identify individual roles and guidelines for better functioning and cohesiveness as a couple.

Underpinning the foundational aspects of this book are two interviews with different individuals. One who used the ways in this book found them to be the most important and beneficial ways to approach a potential marriage relationship for success. The other is from a practical and on-the-job experience of how a divorce could substantially lurk around the corner if the couple had no premarital counseling.

The book Premarital Counseling: Ways to Fostering Long-Term Marriage Relationship will open your eyes and allow you to see your potential lifelong partner in a way that you might not otherwise be able to before the marriage union.

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