February 1, 2015

ASV_COVER “A Sahara Voice: Poems from the Heart of Africa” (ISBN: 978-09948-272-1-0) (2016) by Prof. Philip Alalibo. Professor Alalibo’s intellectual sagacity is brought to bear in his poetic offerings that underscore his political, social, cultural and racial experiences that traverse two continents, Africa and the United States of America. This book liberally employs the use of descriptively rich language, lyrical as it is in its utter fluency, to simplify intricate and seemingly lugubrious poetic concepts. This is a must read literary work that puts into perspective the human experience and the existential burden of the African man. This work appeals to the literati and all those in society that have a knack for fine poetry crafted intuitively. For your copy, contact info@shidaanikei.com.

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