How to Make Black People Happy in February and All Year Round
Top Story / April 15, 2022

How to Make Black People Happy in February and All Year Round – (2022) – (978-1990604034) By Prof. Philip Alalibo. This is a book about cultural understanding that discusses how the different races can have a productive and peaceful existence with Black people across North America. It focuses in part on the month of February, which is Black History Month. This happens to be the month of celebration and the recognition of Black excellence and achievements. But it is also a month of reflection and revaluation that often reveal the enormity of work that needs to be done to bridge the cultural gap between Blacks and other racial groups across the continent. The book discusses several societal, cultural and racial factors that could be the source of unhappiness for Black people, not only during Black History Month, but all year round. It offers suggestions on how whites and others could understand and avoid those pitfalls towards a harmonious societal relationship based on respect, tolerance, trust and mutual understanding. The book underscores the importance of our shared humanity, which should be the basis for commitment to the ideals of responsible citizenship and racial justice for all oppressed people regardless of ethnicity,…

Unique You: Practical Steps to Live and Discover Your Life’s Purpose – Dr. Cynthia Arku
Top Story / April 15, 2022

Unique You: Practical Steps to Live and Discover Your Life’s Purpose (2022) (978-1-990604-04-1) – By Dr. Cynthia Arku – Now, let’s face it: do you know fully well how to discover your life’s purpose, which is your practical use on earth? Can you assist others to discover and live their life’s purpose? Many youths and adults are winding around still trying to find the right track. In this book, I expose the reasons for delays in figuring out and living your purpose. I show you that your life’s purpose is gold you must dig out and must be the roadmap (or blueprint) for all decisions about your career, education, training, relationship, and more. With practical tools, this book takes you through a step-by-step easy process where you will discover your purpose. Also, it shows you how to make those important (make or break) day-to-day decisions to realize your life’s purpose, for your pleasure, prosperity, dominion, and to benefit others the way God intended. Essentially, this book guides you to discover and live your purpose. Purchase this book here

The Heart of a Good Thing : New Beginnings of Healing and Bold Love in Your Relationships and Marriage – By Andrea Boweya
Top Story / April 15, 2022

The Heart of a Good Thing: New Beginnings of Healing and Bold Love in Your Relationships and Marriage ( 2021) (ISBN: 978-1-990604-00-3) – By Andrea Boweya – Have you ever wondered why relationships and marriages seem to be more challenged today? Have you ever just longed for more love, hope and healing in your relationship with self, others or in marriage? This book is your roadmap to new beginnings of Healing and Bold Love. Beyond the patterns of history or painful experiences of the past, this book will support you to rediscover who you really are, Revive – heal your heart, Reignite – learn the art of loving beyond limits and restore the legacy of Bold Love God intended. One Moment at a Time. Yes, It is possible for you to experience more of what you deserve in your heart, in relationships with others and in marriage. Purchase this book here.

Premarital Counselling: Fostering a Long-term Happy Marital Relationship – By Dr. Henderson Ifill
Top Story / April 15, 2022

Pre-Marital Counselling: Fostering a Long-term Happy Marital Relationship (2021) (978-1-9992257-9-7) – By Dr. Henderson Ifill – Our emotions and, or impromptu decisions obscure or prevent us from seeing clearly the potential obstacles that may hamper lasting happiness in a conjugal relationship. This book is about bringing into focus some of those potential obstacles. Premarital Counseling: Ways to Fostering Long-Term Marriage Relationship offers ways that its readers can follow to uncover potential obstacles that could profoundly affect the relationship after marriage. From this book, readers will learn to identify obstacles and overcome them by using given methods, both practical and biblical. These, in turn, can help readers develop a greater understanding of cultural differences, family dynamics, personality differences, gender differences, a pious approach, and much more. This book will also remind the readers of how our maker designed a marriage to be from the beginning of time. There are Bible-based principles and practical ways to point you toward a better outlook on life and empower you to apply the right attitude to given situations that may arise in a marriage union. It also stresses the need to identify individual roles and guidelines for better functioning and cohesiveness as a couple. Underpinning…

Those Waiting for Christ’s Return: Redeeming the Time – By Engr. Godwin Airuoyuwa
Top Story / April 15, 2022

Those Waiting for Christ’s Return: Redeeming the Time (2021) (ISBN 978-1-9992257-8-0 ) By Godwin Airuoyuwa – It is certain that majority of the over two billion people in the world, who, today, profess to be Christians, are waiting for Christ’s return. He promised them, just before He ascended into heaven, that He would return to earth. While it is encouraging that many are either waiting or expecting the coming of a Messiah or the Messiah, it is necessary to stress that being ready for His return is what matters; for no one knows the time and the day of His return. So, “You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him” (Luke 12:40). This book contains all that needs to be done to be ready for His return. It admonishes true believers to avoid false teachings and preachers who are a manifestation of the end times as written in the Bible. Christ Himself said that His coming will be as it was in the days of Noah: “For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day…

On Eagle’s Wings: The Story of My Life (An Autobiography) – By Prof. Obi Maduakor
Top Story / April 13, 2022

On Eagle’s Wings: The Story of My Life (2022) ( ISBN 9781990604058 (softcover) is the autobiography of Obi Maduakor. It is the story of his life from the time he was born in the late 1930s until date. He is the third surviving child of his parents, Albert and Angelina Maduakor who were farmers. After his primary school education in the 1950s, his father’s relative, MC Agwu, helped him to get secondary school education. He went on to distinguished himself as a good student in both his WAEC and HSC examinations and was able to win a Nigerian Federal Government scholarship for his university education. He was pursuing postgraduate education at the University of Ibadan in the 1960s when the Nigeria-Biafra war broke out. The war interrupted his MA programme and he went to Gabon in 1968 under the sponsorship of the Biafran government to teach English. At the end of the war in 1970, he went to the University of Leeds in England to complete his MA, and later to the University of Ottawa in Canada to do his Ph.D. in literature. Thereafter, he returned to Nigeria to teach first, at the University of Ife, and later at the…

God’s Redemption Plan is Universal and Based on Faith by Godwin Airuoyuwa, Engr.
Children's Books , Top Story / January 7, 2022

God’s Redemption Plan is Universal and Based on Faith (2021) (ISBN: 978-1-9992257-4-2) by Godwin Airuoyuwa, Engr. – God’s plan of redemption is universal; it is for all peoples, irrespective of beliefs. After Adam and Eve were deceived by Satan to sin against God, they were not only separated from God, their successive generations were also separated from him; and their rebellious corrupted nature would unfortunately become the inherited nature of mankind. This separation meant that God could no longer relate with his human race. The result is that man became so sinful and wicked that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time (Genesis 6:5). “The wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23), so the sinful is doomed to perish. But it is not God’s will that anyone should perish, but for all to have eternal life”(John 3:16). So he put in place a plan of redemption immediately after the fall, in order to reconcile all who will come to him (Genesis 3:15). His first test of this plan was when he destroyed the whole earth with flood because he was grieved and pained by the wickedness of man; only Noah and his family were…

God, Pastors and Title: What the Scripture Says – By Godwin Airuoyuwa, Engr.,
Books , Christian Books , Top Story / January 7, 2022

God, Pastors and Title: What the Scripture Says (2021) (ISBN: 978-1-9992257-7-3) by Godwin Airuoyuwa, Engr. – The taxman, who collects tax with the authority of the government, and puts the funds to his own use, is not only guilty of misusing public funds, he is also guilty of defrauding the government or misusing the authority of the government. In the same way, when a man of God collects tithes from God’s people, on the authority of God’s name, and fails to disburse it as directed by God, he is not only misusing the people’s funds, he is also misusing the name of the LORD. He is misusing the people’s funds by using them on things other than what the law of God commanded; God commanded that tithe be used to meet the needs of the Levites, who were priests and temple workers, the poor, the widows, orphans, and the strangers, all of whom had no means of livelihood. He is misusing the name of the LORD because he is using it for the wrong purpose – using it to feed himself; according to the English dictionary, to misuse is to use something in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose. The name…

Shadows: Poetry, Tribute and Reflections By Dianne Adair
Poetry , Top Story / May 20, 2021

Shadows: Poetry, Tribute and Reflections (2021) (By Dianne Adair) ( ISBN: 978-1-9992257-3-5). There’s a force within us that fuels the fire and passion to fight, to speak up instead of implode. This stems from pain and suffering, for relief and release of the shackles that enslave us, the passion to right wrong, and the desire to have the shade that dims our light removed; the fight to survive despite our shadows. We all have a story and in this book of poetic expressions. It is told from the writer’s and other’s perspective. The pieces stem from a place of pain, of beauty despite the ugliness of life, of success despite failures; of peace and forgiveness, of timeliness and patience and of love and endurance. These words are birthed from the effects of hypocrisy, of racism, imperfections, failed relations, inadequacy and fear; but of hope in the midst of despair. Finding strength to survive, to learn from mistakes, to show love, to enact change and stand up for justice and humanity is the spark that will lighten the darkness and outshine the shadows of life. Life will never be perfect, but knowing that our spark, (God) the one who overshadows us…

The Filament: Finding Fulfillment By Dianne Adair
Poetry , Top Story / May 20, 2021

The Filament: Finding Fulfillment (2021) (By Dianne Adair) (ISBN: 978-1-9992257-2-8). This is a book of poetic expressions. Written from the author’s perspective and desire to impart her view of the light in and around her. These poems reflect the places and situations that have enabled [God] to ignite and empower her ability to move in light and love. Talking to God, wanting to know Him in every situation and share Him with others is an undervalued and untapped source of enlightenment. It gives hope and an unexplainable joy. The beauty of nature, the kinship between God and man and the ability to find peace despite turmoil is reflected in this book of light and life. The essence of time and timeliness and the importance of gratitude as one ponders life’s lessons are the insights revealed in each flow of words Dianne sews together. A woven cloth of encouragement, hope and love is embodied in this book. She hopes that a glimmer of this light will emanate from within you as you relate to the stories she shares. To purchase this book, click here.