Cynthia Arku

April 15, 2022

DR. (Mrs.) CYNTHIA ARKU is a prophetic, spirit-based and passionate teacher, evangelist, and founder of Inspiring Purpose Academy, where she ministers in the Holy Spirit, wisdom, and prayer to elevate believers in living their purpose, raise leaders, and win souls for Christ. For over 15 years working in research and capacity building with municipal and provincial governments, not-for-profits, service industry and the oil and gas sector in Canada, she is delighted seeing advancement in lives and communities.

She teaches interdisciplinary studies, education, communication, and strategic leadership. She is a consultant, advisor, and researcher in com-munity socio-economic development, education/training, and skills development. She has authored over 10 peer-reviewed articles and chapters in journals and books. Her education includes: a B.A. in Development Studies from University for Development Studies, Ghana; an MSc. in Planning (international development) from University of Guelph, Canada; and a Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies from University of Alberta, Canada. Born and raised in Ghana, she relocated to Canada in 2000. She is married to Professor Frank S. Arku and enjoying their blessed family.

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