Henderson Ifill

April 15, 2022

DR. HENDERSON IFILL is a resourceful, visionary, accomplished professional with an extensive portfolio of proven strategic planning, engineering, operations and logistics in executive, management, business ownership, and director-level roles. He is currently Vice President of A-Supreme Foundation.

     As a sharp negotiator and solutions-focused leader, he has been instrumental in boosting revenue, driving growth, and streamlining processes. He offers finely honed proposal development, community engagement, and problem-solving skills. Equally noteworthy, he has a passion for working with those geriatric/senior citizen and aging populations; always facilitating environments predicated on compassion, accountability and motivation for results.

     Dr. Ifill was past President of the Malton Neighbourhood Services, a multi-purpose community service offering seniors and adult newcomers with transition services. He has also served as past Vice President of the Toronto District Cricket Association and President of Malton Cricket & Sports Club, where he enhanced organizational visibility community-wide. He also managed the Canada National Senior Cricket Team. He has consistently showcased the proven ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with teams, stakeholders, and key decision-makers. In addition, he has emceed numerous Gala’s and public events in the community with 50-500 attendees. He is often invited to host or speak at events, special occasions and preach the Word of God.

     Dr. Ifill attended York University for Business Administration and holds a Diploma in Purchasing from Humber College. He has a Professional Management Designation from Canadian Institute of Management, a Master of Christian Counseling, and a Doctor of Divinity from Canadian Christian Theological Seminary. He is an Ordained Chaplain and has completed coursework at Concordia University and Guelph University. In addition, he has training in health/safety, production, law, sales, and leadership. He is a proven leader with much accomplished success; a firm believer in advocacy and humanitarian causes that unite us all. This is his first book.

Premarital Counseling: Fostering a Long-term Marital Relationship (2021)

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