Reflections of a Nigerian Journalist

June 30, 2016

“Reflections of a Nigerian Journalist: Critical Essays & Contemporary Commentaries” (2017) (ISBN: 978-0-9948-272-2-7) By Arnold Alex Alalibo

This book Reflections of a Nigerian Journalist_Cover_2016aptly captures the political, socio-cultural and economic challenges of the world’s largest black nation, Nigeria. With over two decades of journalism practice, the author’s vast knowledge is brought to bear with his insightful and most cogent commentaries and critical essays on this strategic and important player in global politics. His writings provide ample reflection on the daunting challenges to entrench democracy, governmental accountability, discipline and transparency at all levels of government and society. The author’s candid and silver-tongued assessment of events in his home country offers relevant materials and useful information for educators and researchers with scholarly interest in Nigeria. “Reflections of a Nigerian Journalist: Critical Essays & Contemporary Commentaries” is a must read book for anyone with a serious interest in this ethnically, culturally and religiously diverse country.

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