“Shades of Blessing”

June 8, 2018

Shades cover for websiteShades of Blessing: The Journey of the Blessed (2018) (ISBN 978-0-9948272-6-5) by Rev. Alex Sackey-Ansah 

This book lays out a personal assessment of one’s walk with God and understanding the totality of living a blessed life. Most Christians, either secretly or openly, become critical of God and His plans for their lives when tough times hit. They question why they must go through grim times.

     Shades of Blessing sheds light on the fact that being blessed does not exempt Christians from the hard knocks of life, but rather creates an opportunity for them to recognize the mighty hand of God at work in their lives.

The author builds on fundamental biblical truths to disabuse the minds of readers that mountains and valleys are meant to bring unimaginable torture to a believer. Rather, he scrutinizes the journey of the blessed to prove the invincible hand of God at work and in favor of His children.

Blessing is not the rosiness of life, but the enablement by God’s Spirit to discern the presence and power of God in every situation, whether good or bad.

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