Shadows: Poetry, Tribute and Reflections By Dianne Adair
Poetry , Top Story / May 20, 2021

Shidaanikei Publishers announce the upcoming publication of Shadows: Poetry, Tribute and Reflections (By Dianne Adair) ( ISBN: 978-1-9992257-3-5). There’s a force within us that fuels the fire and passion to fight, to speak up instead of implode. This stems from pain and suffering, for relief and release of the shackles that enslave us, the passion to right wrong, and the desire to have the shade that dims our light removed; the fight to survive despite our shadows. We all have a story and in this book of poetic expressions. It is told from the writer’s and other’s perspective. The pieces stem from a place of pain, of beauty despite the ugliness of life, of success despite failures; of peace and forgiveness, of timeliness and patience and of love and endurance. These words are birthed from the effects of hypocrisy, of racism, imperfections, failed relations, inadequacy and fear; but of hope in the midst of despair. Finding strength to survive, to learn from mistakes, to show love, to enact change and stand up for justice and humanity is the spark that will lighten the darkness and outshine the shadows of life. Life will never be perfect, but knowing that our spark,…

The Filament: Finding Fulfillment By Dianne Adair
Poetry , Top Story / May 20, 2021

Shidaanikei Publishers announce the upcoming publication of The Filament: Finding Fulfillment (By Dianne Adair) (ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-9992257-2-8). This is a book of poetic expressions. Written from the author’s perspective and desire to impart her view of the light in and around her. These poems reflect the places and situations that have enabled [God] to ignite and empower her ability to move in light and love. Talking to God, wanting to know Him in every situation and share Him with others is an undervalued and untapped source of enlightenment. It gives hope and an unexplainable joy. The beauty of nature, the kinship between God and man and the ability to find peace despite turmoil is reflected in this book of light and life. The essence of time and timeliness and the importance of gratitude as one ponders life’s lessons are the insights revealed in each flow of words Dianne sews together. A woven cloth of encouragement, hope and love is embodied in this book. She hopes that a glimmer of this light will emanate from within you as you relate to the stories she shares. To purchase this book, click here.

Introduction to Poetry: A Critical Anthology of Selected North American, British & African Poems
Poetry , Top Story / October 19, 2017

Upcoming Release: “Introduction to Poetry: A Critical Anthology of Selected N/American, British & African Poems” by Prof. Obi Maduakor (ISBN: 978-0-9948272-4-1).  This book provides a comprehensive introduction to poetry, delving effectively into a critical anthology of carefully chosen poems from three continents, – North America, Britain (Europe) and Africa.  This North American edition is updated with selections from contemporary American and Canadian poets such as Maya Angelou…more    

A Sahara Voice: Poems from the Heart of Africa
Poetry , Top Story / October 13, 2017

Shidaanikei Publishers announces the publication of “A Sahara Voice: Poems from the Heart of Africa“ (2017) (ISBN: 978-09948-272-1-0) by Prof. Philip Alalibo. Professor Alalibo’s intellectual sagacity is brought to bear in his poetic offerings that underscore his political, social, cultural and racial experiences that traverse two continents, Africa and North America…Read more