The Filament: Finding Fulfillment By Dianne Adair

May 20, 2021

The Filament: Finding Fulfillment (2021) (By Dianne Adair) (ISBN: 978-1-9992257-2-8). This is a book of poetic expressions. Written from the author’s perspective and desire to impart her view of the light in and around her. These poems reflect the places and situations that have enabled [God] to ignite and empower her ability to move in light and love.

Talking to God, wanting to know Him in every situation and share Him with others is an undervalued and untapped source of enlightenment. It gives hope and an unexplainable joy. The beauty of nature, the kinship between God and man and the ability to find peace despite turmoil is reflected in this book of light and life.

The essence of time and timeliness and the importance of gratitude as one ponders life’s lessons are the insights revealed in each flow of words Dianne sews together. A woven cloth of encouragement, hope and love is embodied in this book. She hopes that a glimmer of this light will emanate from within you as you relate to the stories she shares.

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