Dora’s Story

September 21, 2019

Dora’s Story: Grace & Mercy from Beyond Beyond (2019)

ISBN 978-099-482-728-9

Dora’s Story – Grace & Mercy Beyond Beyond is extra-ordinary, telling of the virtues of patience, perseverance and commitment to family, humanity and God. It reassures the reader that no matter the depth of his/her suffering or the hopelessness of his/her circumstances, God is able and remains faithful. This book is based on the life experiences of the author in her native country of Trinidad and Tobago and in Canada. It is a truthful account of the author’s lived experiences written as a form of release and to encourage fellow believers that God is merciful and will never forsake them in their time of need and comfort. No matter how far one strays from Him, He is ready to forgive and accept.

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