Dora Rampersad

September 21, 2019

DORA RAMPERSAD was born in the British West Indies in what is known today as the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.  She attended Boissere Catholic School and at age 10, she was put in a special class due to her unique abilities. While in primary school, she won a prestigious scholarship to continue her education at the secondary school level. But unfortunately, she was not allowed to attend being a girl-child. She subsequently attended a Canadian Mission School.

The author has no living siblings with her only brother having passed on in his teenage years. She is the proud mother of four and grandmother of six.After moving to Canada in 1974, she worked for years at an electronic plant, rising quickly within the ranks to become a lead-hand and supervisor. She later tried her hand at entrepreneurism, owning and operating a deli business in Toronto. The author became a born-again Christian in 1998 and has been a devoted Christian and church member ever since. She is retired and currently lives in Pickering, Ontario with her daughter and son-in-law.

Book: Dora’s Story: Grace & Mercy Beyond Beyond ISBN 978-099-482-728-9

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